Cenfura’s Energy Settlement Token

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Tokenomics of Cenfura Tokens

Cenfura is a next generation energy services company that builds, owns, and operates smart-technology enabled solutions for tokenizing renewable energy assets, integrating a sophisticated combination of leading-edge technologies, economic systems, and a distributed infrastructure.
Cenfura’s smart solutions integrate dynamic AI load distribution and real-time control of distributed renewable energy. Energy settlement transactions drive the utilization of the Cenfura Token (XCF) and Cenfura’s fintech overlay solutions can be incorporated into existing renewable energy assets/projects for tokenization and more efficient energy transaction settlement.
The Cenfura XCF
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All Cenfura renewable energy assets across the globe use the Cenfura Platform. All of the functions and services within the Cenfura Platform are tokenized and every transaction is settled using XCF tokens.



Pasi Nieminen

Chairman and Founder Pasi is a globally recognized entrepreneur whose startups and interests span a variety of technologies, including telecommunications, real-time control systems, blockchain, and renewable energy systems.

Nello Cafcules

Chief Administrative Officer Nello is an accomplished capital markets veteran with 19 years of international experience in building and managing businesses, global operations, financial management, cross-asset distribution.

Gary Hammond

EVP, Cenfura Capital Gary has more than 30 years, experience in the Investment and Finance Industry. His expertise comes from working around the world with companies focused on the development of bespoke investment products.

Jake Vale

Chief Token Officer Jake brings 12 years of experience marketing financial products and services to investors online. In 2009 he took five failed financial newsletters and built them into a successful investor relations and FSM business.

Michael A. Maccia

Chief Officer Business Development Michael started his career as a Solo Practitioner defending the rights of individuals as an attorney in civil and criminal matters in the State of New Jersey. After exiting private practice he has been a serial entrepreneur.

Gary H. Denes

Head of Energy Technologies Gary is a respected and experienced veteran of the energy industry, including involvement in renewable energy and gasification technology development for the past decade.

Nand Ramchandani

Chief Strategy Officer Nand is a business development executive with vast experience in the energy and infrastructure sectors. He has been leading projects for State- and privately-owned infrastructure companies.

Shakeel Mughal

EVP, EMEA Shakeel brings over 30 years of experience of working with FTSE 100 multi-national companies as well as mid-sized companies operating in EMEA regions and managing businesses in high technology sectors.

Giuseppe (Joseph) Jacobelli

EVP, Asia-Pacific Joseph is an experienced Asia financial professional. He formerly led Asia utilities capital markets research at Bloomberg Intelligence where he also held team and regional research content leader roles.

Peter Schenck

EVP, Americas Peter brings a track-record of success in Acquisitions, M&A, Business Development and Long-Range Strategy. An executive with over 20 years of experience in both Energy & Telecoms industries, his broad background includes multiple successful new market entries.

Edward Cazelet

Dr. Cazalet is a leader in the design and operation of markets for electricity, the design and operation of smart grid transaction services, electricity storage, and renewables integration.

Myles Mantle

Myles is a lawyer and partner of the law firm Haynes and Boone. He has more than 23 years of experience advising on the development, financing, and acquisition of various energy projects.

Nicolas Schlumberger

Nicolas has been active in international finance for 42 years. Since 2000, he has been a serial entrepreneur, a founder of SICAT and of Hi Tech ventures (China, terrestrial broadcasting, wireless services).

Harri Hursti

Harri is an Internet visionary, entrepreneur, and a world-known data security expert. He is famously known for developing “the Hursti Hack” altering the results of the voting machines used in 2000 Presidential elections.

What is Cenfura?

Cenfura is an IPP (Independent Power Producer) that invests in, manages and operates renewable energy assets around the world.

What is the XCF Token?

It is a payment token, used to represent value generated and utilized by assets in the Cenfura ecosystem.

Why does Cenfura need its own token, why you just do not use fiat money e.g. USD?

Cenfura plans to revolutionize the way the energy markets function around the world. The token standardizes asset value generated on the Cenfura Platform into a USD rate to create a more efficient cross boarder representation of value.

What can you do with the XCF Token?

An XFC Token represents access to tokenized assets available on the Cenfura Platform.

Has as Cenfura done ICO?

No, Cenfura has not done an ICO. Cenfura Tokens were available to strategic partners and accredited purchasers via Private Sale.

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